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SYNOPSIS | When an autographed “golden record” is stolen from under her nose, Bryn, a self-absorbed slacker, has two days to track it down or find a replacement before her boss gets back in town. Set in 1986.

BRYN GETS A LIFE is a feature-length comedy film, set in the fall of 1986. Written and directed by Cameron Logan, it tells the story of a young woman named Bryn (pronounced ‘Bren’) who is just trying to find her place in the world. Stuck in the small town of Edgefield, Bryn (played by Hannah Lori) works at the local ‘Dead Beat Record Store’.


On the eve of a fateful weekend, Bryn is put in charge of the store by her boss, Boomer (Steven Bagaria) as he takes an important business trip to Philadelphia. Left in her possession is a priceless “golden record” autographed by the worlds biggest pop star, Gypsy Starlight (Alec James). Due to Bryn’s careless nature, the store is robbed, and the record goes missing. Now she has two days to find the record before her boss gets back in town.

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